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New york, new york

it’s been real New York. New york, new york! Half the challenge i was expecting. I pushed myself more than the city pushed me. And the city pushed me more when i pushed myself to the brink. On two occasions i almost found myself in financial squalor. Physically i pushed myself. Spiritually i experienced love and the indefinite letting go of such shackles; accomplishment, persistence, and achievement for my first self-established business. I was fired from two jobs for being myself. I survived using my two skills of hip-hop showmanship and giving tennis lessons. I put myself in the eyes of strangers, overcoming the mass-mind’s doubts and judgments, earned love from the disenfranchised who always gave a buck when they were one’s with the least to have, and yet most importantly genuinely connected heart-to-heart in the form of sincere due regards and praise for the boy’s talent. I made $377+ busking the city over a 4-month period, performing about 3x a week. I made $2,500+ giving tennis lessons ( over a 3-month period. I spent 5 months in NYC. Never receiving a parking ticket, #hamduillah. I sharpened my art of persistence. To not burn bridges no matter what events soured relations. I experienced The fucked up culture of judgment, of a material driven society and environment. The realness of NYC absorbing mental energy and bringing mental illness to mofuckas having experienced episodes of lack in myself. It was about The test, i came for the test. My NYC Strategic Plan and Vision Statement from day one read,

Whether i succeed or not is beyond the point… I want to face the challenge of NYC…. to build my character through trial and error. Through fear and failure. To elevate to a stature I’ve never felt before through my  perseverance, persistence, and courageous resilience.” - suleiman

In the end, I think living in the real world and yet maintaining and holding high ideals, is the road toward greatness. No matter who you are or what your occupation is, to quote my close brother and roommate, my jewish New Yorker brother who eloquently introduced me to his unique, well rounded, wise, and valuable perspective on life, as he so often said upon waking up from sleep as gracefully as-if amidst conversational dialogue in wide-awakeness just minutes before:     “What’s important is how well you feel about what you did. Not how other people feel about how you did. you know..”  -Chris Jacobs

S/o to the middle eastern vendors for the inexpensively good-tasting chicken and rice meals that delivered the appetite’s wants; the Bengali mesjids that provided a station for wudu, introspection, and recuperation; the NYU MSA for the free meals during Ramadan and the sometimes stellar khutba’s; Sara for the experience and spiritual challenge and indirect strengthening of thyself through the ebb and flow of what was; and Universe for the opportunities, the blessings, the serendipitous openings of doors and the timely closure of an entropic and reinvented love. To Iram, for the blessed friendship and being the unique warrior. To Shahn for sustaining my survival unbeknownst to him in such a consistent manner as a result of his own discipline and focus to become the best tennis player possible. To Derek Pankaew for the opportunity and open-heartedness and genuine support when you were levels advanced. Maybe i’ll see New York again. I hope to meet Atlanta; #1 in tennis and the epicenter of the rap industry.  I’m headed to Palestine. My goal: to evermore manifest thy vision for self. . to evolve. to surely begin another chapter… Special shoutout to Deeksha. And to Bumble Bee Tennis. Shoutout to Tareq from AHUS; For all who are reading my blog post right here and now, feel free to use the promo code “suleiman” if you buy from this dope clothing company, based out of Brooklyn – And last but not least, much love and thanks to Tina Valentina for her hospitality, cordiality, and inexpensive rental cost of $400/month (utilities included) in Kensington, BROOKLYN.

Stretch yourself. Push the limits….Most achievement involves some leaps of faith. This is how human beings grow.. by stretching. If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. If you continually look for bigger challenges, then you grow. Stretching means moving out of your comfort zone. It is important to have big dreams so you can grow into them.  The bigger the challenge is, the greater the reward.

More clips of me performing in the NY City underground:

In the end, it's not about the money. It's about the story-line.

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Form follows function

i tell ppl who ask me about Islam: want to know what islam is about? practice being a muslim for 1 month straight. pray 5x a day. read Qur'an at least 20 minutes a day. listen to islamic lectures by hamza yusuf or tariq ramadan or other imams for at least 1 hour each day…. bam. before you know it, you know what sort of msg and meaning and life energy islam gives you… want to learn about buddhism and what it means? do the same thing, and practice the religion for a whole month or two….  i mean, makes sense… right? it is so practical. ppl say islam or christianity is a religion of this or that… well how about we stop all the speculation and you practice the religion truly for what it asks of it’s followers personally… then you will see first-hand how it changes the heart, and mind. the effects it has upon the spiritual and material self………. some religions are for some ppl. others for others. and none for some. to each their own. journal your experience and feelings day by day, or week by week. that will give you your brightest reflections on the impact such tradition has on the self (whether it be Islam, Buddhism, Satanism, etc). Form follows function.


Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today. I was born in Charlottesville VA in the late 80s. Growing up I was into sports. Drums as well. Though there wasn’t any space, nor the ability for my parents to buy a real drum set for me, they bought me a pair of drum sticks which i played on the house furniture (laughs).Growing up my parents always had music playing. From classical and opera overtures such as Beethoven, Mahler, and Strauss to pop and rock & roll hits by the likes of Neil Diamond, The Beatles, and the Bee Gees. Pretty much hits of any given year, some of which was played on cassettes in the car. Not to mention Arabic tunes & songs. On TV they would watch performances by Andre Rieu, Andrea Bocelli, Metropolitan Opera performances and other classical concerts. And VH1. Once I reached middle school I played percussions in the school band and the marching band. At age 18, I moved to Richmond for VA Commonwealth University, and that’s where I began rapping, around the Winter of 2006. A few people on the hall were doing it. After a couple of years I left Richmond and moved to the DMV area. I continued to write, and really got into reading books on spiritual traditions, philosophy as well as books on success and achievement. Eventually I graduated from George Mason with a degree in geographic information systems.

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you’ve had to face so far in the industry? Having blogs and sites grant me their light and platform currently is my focus. Another has been having people take an initial listen to the music. At certain points, you realize you’re not quite ready yet to make that next move; that it happens when the Creator plans for it to happen, rather than when you want it to. I realize that is how it is for everybody. There is a lot of potential in an industry like music for people to live the American Dream. That’s what makes it one of the most competitive industries to break into. But if you know what you’re capable of and keep knocking, doors eventually open. 

What was one of the biggest setbacks in your career and how did you bounce back? Not really a set back as much as circumstance and that was learning to balance doing my music while attending university. Throughout that time period, something within motivated me to hone my rap skills, and read a lot of books on spirituality, philosophy, and achievement. Self-knowledge. My jewel is my heart and my mind. If I can translate that into the music, it feels right. Eventually, Epitome Perennial was completed at the cost of me taking a semester off from university. Plus I am grateful for the educational opportunity as well. It has provided me a solid platform to launch from financially speaking. Since day one, it’s been non-stop; writing rhymes, marketing, doing open mics, recording, organizing goals and promotional plans. The best part is I have learned so much along the way,- from what it takes to succeed in creating a project from scratch, to persisting through frustrations and doubt, to actually seeing the discipline and determination pay off. It took me five years to hone my rhyme skills and construct my first project, which took even more time and energy to actually finalize and release (Epitome Perennial, 2013). What’s kept me going is the fact that no more than 50 years from now the only part of me that will be to show on this earth are my thoughts. It is important for people to understand the full picture I am trying to paint. In reality it is limitless. For them to come near that, it is up to me to present my creations in a way where they comprehend, and have it resonate within themselves. That is the reason why I create a unique website for each project. I think the basic theme of the music will always reflect an aspect of what it means to stay true to self and really be confident. At the end of the day, that’s what defines success in life.

What are some things artists need to be careful of? What I learned early on is to not take the easy road. Do the legwork yourself. Promote, create, and own all of your aspirations. That way you have no regrets. The onus of success and failure is up to you completely. Another, for aspiring rappers, would be to not chase radio and TV. The only real validation is the rhymes you kick. Hip-Hop itself is founded upon peace, love, unity, and having fun. With that said, it’s important to be cognizant of what one is actually creating because what I say about myself has the potential to happen in real life. Salloum is my rap name, which derives from my real name Suleiman, which comes from the root word Salaam, which is “peace” in Arabic. So for myself, I represent Hip-Hop’s first principle in my own unique way. And lastly, when I was initially starting off, an important move was that I did not release any of my music right away. If you keep your dream a secret, the potency of your desire to manifest it actually makes it happen. So even though I’d been rhyming for 2-3 years, it wasn’t about releasing something as soon as possible for people to see that I could rap. At that point in time, the skill level of my craft, between the first two years and the next two years, is like comparing a baby crawling to a kid running. While I was crawling, I had already convinced myself in my mind that I was sprinting. That’s what allowed me to actually manifest the “sprint”, through continuous practice… If I would have shown my raps to someone during my years of crawling, in my mind I’m sprinting, but to them, they don’t see my vision, so they see it for what it actually is. But that is too vulnerable of a position to place oneself in, because you potentially allow yourself to believe in the doubts others place on your talent. When you’re still honing and practicing your craft, there’s a greater chance of you doubting your abilities the first moment anybody tells you it’s not that good, because at that point you cease to see it from your vision point of view, but from the point of you they’re telling you exists. If you actually manifest the vision, or even a whole idea or theme project, at that level you already know what it is, and intuitively you’re ready to share it with the world. And anybody who knocks you, you justify as them putting their own fears on you, or they just don’t know what sounds good. So my advice would be, focus on yourself completely. 

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself? Actually writing it down on paper- your visions, ideas, and goals is essential. With regards to making it in this game, if you’re good, eventually you’ll get noticed. The first step is to create good music. To create something that is unique; that automatically puts it above average. But only you can define that for yourself by discovering your unique ideas. There is no blueprint for what works or what doesn’t work. With that said, it helps to have a system where you can execute your talent at the highest level. That helps create consistency. Discipline + focus = consistency, with an optimistic attitude, creates a continual renewal of desire = Persistence. And that word is pretty much synonymous with “success”. If you die tomorrow, but your mentality up to that point was one of aspiring toward your goals, then did you really fail? To the outside world maybe, but to yourself, until the point that you decide to give up, all the work you put in is moving you closer and closer to it actually happening.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sunrise to sunset

There’s no mistakes in life. All is just right. Just perfect. We are imperfect, and yet our very imperfections create perfection in the way our lives unfold.  Quite boggling. But i find it true…

I’ve realized the best means for one to become something of substantial rank in the world is through talents. Fakery never got anybody very far; unless you’re talking magicians. Other than that, hard work overcame the best of talents, and courage was the singular strand which enabled the aptitude and life creation of “greatness”, always… And Comfort has more often than not served as a debilitation for progress.

I don’t mind failure. I just want to fail at what I want to go for. Not fail at something I shouldn’t even be doing in the first place.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

I speak solutions for ills

I released this mix-track like 3 years ago.. Hip-hop at it’s finest - freedom and leadership rhetoric unto boom bap dope productions

 … There’s always two sides to a story. Free-Will is the true force of the land. The Creator’s Law encompasses all. Yin and yang, sin and grace All One in the same.That’s what it really is.Always has been. Always will be. Know where you stand and you’ll reach your utmost insofar as your lens extends to the truths, umbrella’d under the Truth. It ain’t a fluke who the greatest are #EpitomePerennialSotA’s will get theirs too. DMind’s got that fiar. What was, was. Steady mobbin……Intention is the language of the universe. not math. 

Why should you read or listen to Salloum? I bring an honest and unfiltered perspective marked by Truth/reasoning, unity, and self-commanding respect.

Why should you believe in what Salloum has to say? It’s based on virtues & goodness. It will bring a rich value and sense of awareness to your world. The journey is linear; the sooner you tune in, the greater the profundity you’ll meet.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What I believe

I believe in perennialism. All traditions are worthy at their core. Each carry a universal seed of truth therein. Details of the traditions prescribe toward a compatibly-ritualistic means to live life. Therefore, I believe all perspectives are worthy. I believe all rights shall be granted for every spirit.

I believe in the Supreme Creator. The order of my body (self-healing), the order of the solar system (night/day-seasons), the order of nature all alludes to calculated and orderly (divine) existence beyond our knowledge.

I believe in creator(s). Life has the ability to direct and create itself on a fractional scale within a bounded framework. But we answer to the Creator of All World’s always. The framework itself was created by the Supreme Creator, therefore It knows what we may do, and what we do based upon the system of repercussions serving to guide us in his Infinite Wisdom and Mercy. Our lives are bounded by the framework of the Supreme Creator.

I believe in life after death. I believe our spirits (the glist in our eyes [vs.] the lifeless eyes of a corpse) are eternal. I believe all animals and plants have spirit.

I believe all spirit is energy.

I believe in extra-terrestrial life. Worlds exist outside of our realm of experience. I believe in a spirit world (Angels/Jinns/Ghosts). I believe Earth will unify herself as soon as our infrastructural system matures beyond our current state and outreaches into the universe. Inter-galactic exploration will unify our terrestrial race evermore. I believe technology and science is important. But I believe faith with intuitive reasoning serves as the primary base toward (our) limitless expansion.

I believe in God. I believe in me. I believe in powerful people doing powerful things for their own selfish ends. And I believe in powerful people doing powerful things for their country’s own selfish ends. And I believe in powerful people doing good things on a day to day basis. 


Sunday, March 26, 2017

What I create — 2013 — 2014
www.Energy& — 2018

~Epitome Perennial is about all of us uniting together as one. [the Omega].
~HollowDreamz is about all of us being our own individuals, maintaining our unique identities: (authentic emotions, passions, talents) = (integrity of character). [the Alpha].

So what is the bridge? The bridge is, once all of us accept each other as unique individuals with equal rights (termination of racism, supremacy, prejudice), we will naturally become unified. Once one champions oneself, one is able to champion/accept others as champions themselves. There is no insecurity, no fear.
 ~Energy and Rhythm serves as The catalyst to achieve such division by means of expansion of knowledge outside of ourselves. To be able to see and open ourselves up. To flow with the energies and rhythms of all of creation (to terminate all prejudice) and accept everything as being worthy.  I believe Earth will unify herself as soon as our infrastructural system matures beyond our current state and outreaches into the universe. Inter-galactic exploration will unify our terrestrial race evermore. Exploration into the infinite creation of all that is. [the Lemniscate].


Epitome Perennial is the summit viewpoint looking down to the valleys (the summit: where common principles, agreements, and hopes are found among all; perennialism: the respect of all routes.)

HollowDreamz is a valley viewpoint looking up to the summit (respect in understanding that there are other routes)
Energy & Rhythm is the desert of infinity with no defined route; critical thinking that I am not sure my path is the right path to walk. I am sometimes in contradiction with my own values. Intellectual empathy. That all paths are worthy. That evil is a perspective that can be understood (albeit unjustified). Intellectual empathy: that a kid bullying is wrong, but understanding that that kid was bullied growing up, thus we empathize through understanding his situation… compassion and forgiveness. – the starting point of this is “know to like your own self”.


  • Epitome Perennial is the philosophy for Everyone to accept Everyone.
  • HollowDreamz is the philosophy for Everyone to accept Themselves.
  • Epitome Perennial is Utopia defined.
  • HollowDreamz is the Alpha. To Know Thyself initiates en route the Omega.
  • Energy & Rhythm is (its) Praxis put into action.
  • The ever-evolving, ever-self identifying hearkening of the unknown.And what follows thereafter and onward constitutes (the) EXHIBITS.

The continual theme in all projects is the struggle (jihad) with our own ego, and arrogance. Arrogance in all traditions, is the root for conflict.

To reach the surface you must dig deep. The power of paradox through ‘discipline’.


Saturday, March 25, 2017


THE BEST TO ME, constitutes changing the paradigm of the movement…. re-creating the storyline…. proactively creating the narrative…. This is what changes the world in a real great way… A person with such influence to make things make sense (to evolve their people’s awareness potently and productively) in a way where people begin to adopt that way of thinking……. call it ideology. call it brainwashing. But if it is constructive and done out of love and integrity and selflessness, and helps a people out, then it is Truth. It’s what Prophethood and Messengership is all about. Unity of the people. Unity of the cultures first because that precedes the wholeness of humanity. So it goes: unity unto your own circle. Of your own listeners. 

When it is of your own culture it stands as good.

But HiPHop is world culture.

Whence it commands the stature of Worldliness it becomes greatness.

—to be the greatest in hip-hop: dope beats….. great flow…… skillful rhymes….. a championing perspective…. with straightforward vernacular…. linearity-threading project concepts…… all-encompassing song concepts….. unique and charming swag… 

—-the greatest in hip-hop can translate into the greatest in the world: when that truth of humanity is tapped into.. And when the paradigm is shifted, and THEN community and social organization is created to evolve the actual lives of the people through structured means as aligned with the Mind paradigm.  So much so that disruption of the infrastructure (of malevolent interests all along) become to feel threatened.


So in conclusion,

When I mean “the best of all time”, I refer to influence upon humanity as well on a structural/paradigm/social level (not just artistic genius)… alongggggg with great musical accolades/accomplishments too … the two have to go hand in hand IMO… that’s what the best is all about - encompassing both worlds: artistic creation, with real-life paradigm-shifting influence upon society’s social construct & tangible-infrastructure of community… . <–2Pac was on both, and at 25 he passed. #@$%#7


Sunday, March 19, 2017


These convo’s are always subjective unless an agreed upon system for ranking is established, then it becomes a bit more tangible and objective. For me, it’s based on 4 factors: skill level; social level; God-gifted level; karmic level. The greatest humans in all fields tend to rank high on each of these levels. This is my personal ranking system:





 My Top 7 List: Tupac. Jay Z. Nas. Eminem. Kanye West. Lil Wayne. DMX.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


I create Hip-Hop music projects via authentic experiences. Life philosophy is also added to wholesomely portray the experience in a wholesomer way. I create a website for each music project. I write a thematic essay and incorporate knowledge from other sources - such as passages and quotations from books and articles, which are found in the middle and at the end of each website’s homepage. I obtain leasing contracts to use all of the music on each project. I write the lyrics; I record the lyrics; I write the essay; I configure the website; I own the website domains; I compose, edit, & incorporate the additional knowledge.

1st Project: Epitome Perennial
Philosophy incorporated: Perennialism
Title of thematic essay: The Stature of Universality
Website with the original music, essay, and additional knowledge:

2nd Project: HollowDreamz
Philosophy incorporated: Ubuntu
Title of thematic essay: The Spring of Individuality
Website with the original music, essay, and additional knowledge:

3rd Project: Energy & Rhythm (Coming Soon)
Thematically, Energy & Rhythm provokes toward an expansive awareness.
Lyrically, E&R consists of personal & socially-relevant lyrics unto inspirational and lush music productions.
E&R is yet another evolutionary advancement in the linear story-line of The Salloum, toward grander levels of achievement!


Friday, March 10, 2017

Global Muslim Peace Movement

My name is Suleiman. I was born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia. I have a unique idea I am interested in sharing with you. Being a Muslim myself, the idea of centralizing all of the Muslim intellectuals and scholars to form a public cabinet came to my mind a few weeks ago. 

This cabinet would represent the ideal Muslim Public Opinion if you will - “what the 1+ Billion Muslims in the world” really think (similar to the book Dalia Mogahed co-authored). This cabinet, whose members would already be somewhat renown and critically acclaimed, would ascertain the Muslim Public Opinion based upon what the true message of Islam is. That of courage, compassion, and justice.

These influential and self-identified Muslims are already in the public spotlight. They are the ones who appear on CNN, Democracy Now, NPR, CNBC, Fox News Channel, etc.. They are the ones who write books, teach, give lectures and speak at conferences and forums in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.Some may identify as more religious than others, but all of them would agree that the true practice of Islam is not what is portrayed in the media, yet the media depicts Muslims as those who not only commit such acts, but that “Islam” itself is oft-times to blame as the root cause of such vileness.To join wisely and constructively to create a self-determined authority as to what Islam represents and what it does not represent, what Islam stands for and what it does not stand for, this organization could be called the Global Muslim Peace Movement, and it would essentially counter Islamophobia by essentially empowering the Islamic identity through a unified cabinet of members, many of whom are well-respected by society and critically-acclaimed in their respective fields and industries as explained above.We already have the aforementioned opinions existing in the media but I believe it must be centralized. For that will build bridges across all of the organizations and groups involved and will interlink the connections that these public constituents already have, making the true identity of Islam all the more encompassing and proactive.

So what is the true message of Islam? Well we know that just about every Muslim in the world (who adheres to the rightful and critical interpretation of the text) is against ISIS and similar extremist groups. And yet many of these same Muslims, beyond just condemning, also reach analytical and awe-defining conclusions and insights on such events - which help to shed light on reasons and solutions to prohibit such actions. The GMPM would furthermore serve as a centralized medium between what the Cabinet Members all think together, as well as individually – oft-times the cumulative opinion (of the Cabinet) will be one in the same, with the personal opinions (of the Cabinet) exemplifying the cumulative opinion each in it’s own unique perspective, thus a platform for wholesome commentary is also established when oft-times it is dispersed due to there being no centralized Muslim Public Opinion organization in existence, for instance.

I do not know why this hasn’t been established yet… What is stopping us Muslims from joining together to defeat the industry of “Islamophobia” by joining together as a Muslim Public Opinion (i.e. A Global Muslim Peace Movement authority) - thereby ostracizing not only ISIS from being the “representative" of Islam, but also ostracizing the Mainstream Media who would then begin to lack whatever "expertise” they claim in ostracizing Islam as a religion of violence and trouble, especially WHEN THIS CENTRALIZED CABINET ITSELF DEFINES WHAT ISLAM IS in the public and intellectual spotlight - as a driving central force of self-identification…

At this point, all I see are muslims in the media playing the defending role in trying to convince the anchors of these news stations and the listeners that these acts are not representative of the true Islam. I think it is important to take a step forward in taking the offense via organization and self-commanding respect. Such organized-action would also empower the Muslim morale in America. It would have Muslims feel like they are now represented honestly, by some of the most critical Muslim minds - from scholars, to writers, to professors, to even actors and singers, who can all join this movement/group; and we know the various races that encompass Islam: from Blacks to Whites to Asians to Africans to Arabs to Persians to Latinos… the more diverse, the more all-encompassing (and thus powerful) and legitimized the movement becomes in representing what “Islam is” and in devaluing the credentials of the medias and their propagandas.. The more proactive and wide-extending action we take, the greater our ability to delegitimize the media biases.This may sound like an intricate idea, but it is not when principles and the great minds whom I’ve considered as the Cabinet Members (appointees) of this initiative are brought together to work toward the common goal of reconciling and thoroughly defining and reinforcing the true and constructive identity of the Muslim populace, primarily in the West but also across the World.Another topic to discuss —- the work and contribution of the Cabinet and those concerned… The number one way for the Cabinet to establish itself (and this organization) would be to first identify themselves as part of such centralized force. From that moment on, it carries value. Then from there, with executive and secondary personnel leading the way and subsiding when necessary, the formulation of the Cabinet Members (power-plays) contributing their opinions and ideas to the centralized Muslim Identity (of Public Opinion) will manifest the Movement / Organization.

The Public Cabinet members will agree in closed quarters what GMPM chooses to release as a statement to weekly/monthly/yearly occurrences and events done in the name of Islam - and when such statements are released - it would begin to serve as the defining opinion of the Muslim (American/European) public garnered and agreed upon by the diverse array of the intellectuals, artists, and other critically acclaimed folks involved.

Social Media is a powerful force in utilizing this means of organized action.

Some of my own ponderings include:
A) Whether a centralized bridging-of-the-Muslim organizations already exists?
B) If such organization does not exist, why does it not exist in your opinion?
C) What concerns, doubts, challenges, and questions came to your mind while you were reading the above?

Anyways, this is all just food for thought. I know it would take much work and quite some time to actually evolve and garner the reputation and notoriety required to be taken seriously by the rest of the world; this being once I convince those who I deem fit as being cabinet members, to join in on the movement. That in itself would likely feel like I’m “pulling teeth” due to my own lack of notoriety or expertise. But by no means should it delegitimize this idea, an idea that I believe has immense power.

Thanks for your time.


Suleiman A


Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Did I mention I was Muslim

I am an American.  I am American by nationality; born and raised in America. An American by culture.  A Palestinian by memory.  A Muslim by religion.  A man. A universalist by principles.

Knowledge is a staple of Islam. It is a duty of our religion to seek knowledge and awareness of self, nature, and more pointedly of social and human affairs. A Muslim is never supposed to live in isolation away from society. A true Muslim is supposed to live amongst the people, for it is there where they may be of most benefit for themselves and for humanity.
Truth ?

 A nice article:

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Hire Me!

My website:

The legendary producer 9th Wonder was in Charlottesville, VA during the last week of March (2017) as a featured resident at UVA. Amidst the events and lectures he participated in, he held a session entitled "Music Entrepreneurship Q&A". Like the video, leave a comment, share it with friends.

9th Wonder - Music Entrepreneurship Q&A
00:00 - Being an Artist & Running a Record Label
02:36 - College Life, Self-Discipline, Networking
06:15 - Having Your Own Record Label, Social Media
08:03 - Being a "Renaissance Man", Mastering Your Craft
11:28 - Getting In The Music Industry
17:45 - The East Coast Music Scene (Atlanta/Nashville/NYC)
23:55 - The Brilliance of Jay Z (Rap & Sports)
27:36 - Copyright
29:44 - Digital Piracy
30:44 - Advice for Producers and Artists
31:53 - 'Making it' in the Music Industry
36:47 - Living Your Dream and Being Misunderstood
47:15 - Cultivating Your Beats as a Producer
49:26 - Having Patience
50:18 - Setting up your Own Record Label
52:31 - Knowing when a Beat is Complete and Ready to Sell